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We search for the most sophisticated high end systems unknown to the local markets. Seeking worldwide we don’t impose on basic infrastructure local vendors rely on. We are committed and adamantly analyze the new world technology to stay on top of the competitive trade with interest only on conspicuously one of a kind robust system you got to have. It strikes our attention to see your interest in our products and that is why Thelina is dedicated to serve as your agent for your system needs. Guiding you through compatibility in both software and hardware updating to the new trend tweaking the systems performance to the max. Being your dedicated wingman the assigned Thelina agent will facilitate your systems need and compromise any defects, assuring nothing would hinder your system progression..

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Thelina Technology Inc.
Our foundation is based on a administration with in depth knowledge and understanding to the need of today Marketing Technology. We expect the best and only rely on support for every product we manage.
Thelina Helpdesk.
We backup our support with the latest techology trend know for the best practice setting to get the best performance tweeking the setting, updating and patching up to date. We have a kowledgbase with step by step intructions for most of problems arising currently
Thelina Store.
Specialing on High end performing computers, and Servers we only seek the best attractive selling systems world wide. The trend is Gamer Computers, liquid cooling, PC Desk system, ergonomic chair, Sound Systems, and lights for the desktop and
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